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Can native trees grow through scotch broom in dry environments?

Larry Burrows says nitrogen-fixing plants such as gorse (Ulex europeaus) have been advocated as ‘nurse-crops’ to aid indigenous vegetation restoration, especially in moist environments.  Very ...more

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Vegetation history of Tawhiti Rahi helps to inform management of degraded offshore islands

Janet Wilmshurst                Islands play a key role globally in the conservation of endemic species. Many island reser ...more

Bogging adventures in New Zealand part 2: South Island

Another dividing line swishes by, another town holding a world of interesting diversions is avoided, another intriguing landscape is no more to us than a speculative conversation.  The South ...more

Bogging adventures in New Zealand part 1: North Island

A week into our fieldwork trip to study New Zealand's peat bogs and the North Island is done!  To say our trip has been something of a whirlwind so far would probably be leaning towards under ...more

Three Kings Islands — 56 km but an eon from New Zealand

The Three Kings Islands is a small archipelago only 56 km off the northern tip of New Zealand. They are the sole emergent part of the Three Kings Ridge, the remnants of an island arc that formed dur ...more